China Unveils World’s Deepest Physics Lab for Dark Matter Research

A groundbreaking physics laboratory, the Deep Underground and Ultra-low Radiation Background Facility (DURF), recently opened in China’s Jinping Mountain, Sichuan Province. This lab, situated 2,400 meters below ground, is now the world’s deepest and largest of its kind. It’s part of the China Jinping Underground Laboratory and was developed over three years through collaboration between Tsinghua University and the Yalong River Hydropower Development Company.

The facility’s completion means research groups can delve into scientific experiments within its 330,000 cubic meters of space. Scientists are particularly excited about studying dark matter in this “clean” environment, shielded from most cosmic rays that typically disrupt observations. To maintain this pristine setting, the lab has rigorous measures to control radon, a gas released by bedrock, ensuring extremely low concentrations within the facility.

Researchers foresee groundbreaking discoveries due to the lab’s exceptional conditions, enabling exploration into the mysteries of the universe. According to Professor Yue Qian from Tsinghua University, this facility provides an unparalleled opportunity for scientists to pursue their dreams and address crucial international scientific questions.


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