Residents Gather at Earthquake Cemetery in Hatay in Ramadan


During the first day of Ramadan Feast in Hatay, citizens visited the earthquake cemetery, where nearly 25 thousand people were laid to rest after the devastating earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, Türkiye. The cemetery, located in Narlıca District of Antakya, saw an influx of people paying respects to their loved ones lost in the disaster. Emotional scenes unfolded as families, deeply affected by the tragedy, shed tears and prayed at the graves.

Halime Güngören expressed her grief while visiting her nephews’ graves, highlighting the enduring pain of the loss. İbrahim Erol, who also lost relatives, remarked on the somber mood, stating that their holiday is spent in the cemetery, devoid of other festivities, as they remember and mourn their loved ones.


Veysel Korkmaz – Ogün Aslan

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