Turkish UAVs Team Completed Mission in Taiwan

The Turkish UAV team, which traveled to Taiwan, which was jolted by the 7.2-magnitude earthquake, to participate in the efforts to observe the damaged areas, set out for Türkiye after 3-day work. Before leaving the country, the team talked about the damage observed in the national park, which is known for its narrow passages in the Taroko Valley and where many landslides occurred.

“Our work was to contribute to search and rescue activities by giving our knowledge and effort on drone technologies, and then to share our knowledge and experiences regarding the use of drone technologies in earthquakes and disasters in the longer term. We saw damage such as stones and rocks fallen on the walking trails or vehicles in the park. According to the maps we prepared and the maps previously prepared, the violence is quite large. On the other hand, we observed that demolition is not severe in urban areas, and the infrastructure of the buildings actually handled it well,” said Serhat Gümüş, team leader.


Uğur Rıfat Karlova

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