world’s first neon arts house museum in Azerbaijan

A sculpturer and painter, Ferid Alakbarov, turned his house into a neon arts museum called “Farhouse” in Azerbaijan. Farhouse is the first neon art house museum in the world. It’s designed within the philosophy of “Feng Shui”.

There are nearly 100 exhibited pieces that are made by Ferid Alakbarov. The neon artworks, that Ferid Alekbarov make with using coral pigment in the Red Sea, looks nothing but a normal item or a painting in the morning. However, in the darkness or under ultraviolet light, they magically glow. Farhouse is strongly attracting the local and foreigner tourists.

Having been working on neon art for the past 15 years, Alakbarov says it was the northern lights that had inspired him in the first place.


Kamil Nadirli


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