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more equipment found in a warehouse in Karabakh

The search continues in Karabakh after Armenian groups surrendered their weapons after the ceasefire decision. According to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense, weapons and ammunition were found in the warehouse of an illegally operating…

Bomb-laden truck exploded in Somalia: 13 dead

A bomb-laden truck exploded near a checkpoint in Beledweyne, Somalia, and caused the destruction of many houses. As a result of the incident, at least 13 people, including soldiers and civilians, lost their lives, and 40 people were…

‘Turkic States Food and Culture Festival’ in Tokyo

A 'Turkic States Food and Culture Festival' was held at Tokyo Mosque and Diyanet Turkish Cultural Center in Japan. The festival, where clothes and cultural items from various Turkic states were introduced to the visitors, attracted great…

tornado causes panic in istanbul, türkiye

A tornado occurred in an area close to the highway in the Çatalca district of Istanbul, Türkiye's most famous city. The tornado, which formed as the wind intensified and lasted for about 20 seconds, then disappeared, causing panic among the…

5 died, over 100 injured in Factory explosion in Taiwan

An explosion in a factory producing golf equipment in Taiwan's Pingtung region occurred while firefighters were battling the flames that broke out in it. It was announced that 5 people, including 3 firefighters, died, more than 100 people…

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