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Attack on Nuseirat Refugee Camp Leaves 6 Dead

Israel carried out a deadly attack on the Nuseirat Refugee Camp yesterday evening. Six Palestinians lost their lives, reported authorities. "Continuous night bombardments and explosions, which have been going on for more than 9 months,…

Three Killed in Ongoing Izmir Forest Fire

A forest fire erupted around 11:40 AM in the Delikli Bay area of Alaçatı, Çeşme district. Prompted by reports from beachgoers and nearby residents, the İzmir Regional Directorate of Forestry deployed significant resources: 2…

2024 Rwandan Presidential Election Begins

Rwandans are heading to voting polls to cast their votes in the presidential election, which is run by Incumbent President of Rwanda Paul Kagame, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda president Frank Habineza and independent candidate Philippe…

Donald Trump Says He was Saved “By luck or by God”

Former US President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke to the press about the assassination attempt carried out against him two days ago. Stating that he may have died at the podium, Trump said he was saved "by luck or…

Death Toll Rises Amid Israeli Attacks on Gaza Strip

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that the death toll from Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip has reached 38,664, with 89,097 injured. Over the past 24 hours, 80 Palestinians were killed and 216 injured in three separate…

World’s Oldest and Smallest Mammal Seen in Adana

Batodonoides Vanhouteni, known as the oldest and smallest mammal that evolved 53 million years ago, was seen in the Feke district of Türkiye's Adana province. This animal looks like a mouse, but it is not one. It is harmless. When you…

Spanish People Celebrate National Team’s Victory

Numerous Spanish people took to the streets after their national football team's victory over the English squad in the final match of the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship. Gathering in public areas, supporters unfurled their country's flags and…

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