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Lambs and Sheep Unite for Feeding Time

The exciting meeting of lambs, who were separated from their mothers after infancy and brought together again twice a day for breastfeeding, and their parents formed colorful scenes in the Güneyçayırı village in Türkiye's Elazığ. “All of…

French Farmers Storm Agriculture Fair

French farmers protesting the increasing costs, unfair competition and the regulations introduced by the European Union raided the International Agricultural Fair in Paris, which President Emmanuel Macron attended. The protest of the…

Anti-Government Protests Continue in Israel

Numerous Israelis staged a protest against government outside the Kirya military base in Tel Aviv. The angry crowd demanded a hostage deal with Hamas be made and an immediate general election to be held. The Israeli police intervened…

Israel Keeps Attacking Rafah, Palestinians’ Safe Zone

One and a half million civilians who took shelter in Rafah, which Israel continues to bomb despite having declared it safe, are trying to hold on to life under difficult conditions. In addition to the fear that the attacks elicit,…

Attack on Odesa Kills At Least 1

The debris of the drone fired by Russia on Ukraine's Odesa damaged a building. At least one person was killed and three others injured, reported Ukrainian authorities. Ukraine marks the second year since Russian troops entered its…

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