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US police seek Gorilla statue thief

A thief in the US state of Maryland stole a statue of a gorilla standing in front of an antique shop. The police have identified the suspect, who came to the front of the shop in a pickup truck, broke the wires, then loaded the statue,…

Mysterious blue spiral emerges in the Hawaiian sky

Mysterious blue spiral emerging in the sky over Hawaii aroused people's curiosity. In the video released from the Maunakea Observatory, the mysterious light was seen spiraling in the sky and disappeared after a while. The unexplained…

US police saves runner’s life after car chase

US police saved a runner from being crushed to death by a train after chasing him for stealing a police vehicle in Atlanta. The incident broke out as an officer pulled over the suspect during conducting a traffic stop and the criminal got…

Japan’s human-powered vehicles defy the years

The human-powered vehicles known as "Jinrikisha," which have been used in Japan since the 1870s, defy the years despite advancing technology. Jinrikishas have recently been used for entertainment purposes and still attract great attention…

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