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Floods and Landslides Claim 6 Lives in India

The floods and landslides that occurred after the heavy rain in the north of Sikkim state, the tourism center of India, caused Teesta River to overflow and dealt great damage to around 50 houses, bridges, and roads. Authorities stated that…

Erdoğan Arrives in Italy for G7 Summit

After his visit to Spain, Türkiye's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan arrived in Italy to attend the G7 Heads of State and Government Summit. His plane landed at Brindisi Airport at 13:43 GMT, after which he proceeded to the summit…

Heavy Rains Destroy Agricultural Lands in Spain

Severe rainfall in Spain's Murcia Autonomous Region has wreaked havoc, damaging over 4,000 hectares of agricultural land. The week-long deluge turned streets into lakes, stranded dozens of vehicles, and led to road…

Bear Breaks into Canadian Couple’s Car

A Canadian couple, Kayla Catherine Seward and her husband, who went to their parked car in the town of Larder Lake in Ontario, noticed that a bear was sleeping inside it. To let the bear outside, which they thought broke into the car by…

Colorful Sunset Captivates Üsküdar, Istanbul

In Istanbul's Üsküdar district, the sunset formed a stunning scene with athletes canoeing, tourists riding water bikes, and citizens gathering to watch. The iconic Maiden's Tower, set against the crimson sky and reflected in the…

Chile Battles Severe Storm and Floods

Severe storms and rain that continued throughout the week caused floods in the central and southern parts of Chile. One person died when a tree fell on their tractor due to strong winds on Wednesday. Authorities said hundreds of people were…

Second Session of NATO Defence Ministers Meeting Begin

NATO Defence Ministers gathered for the second session of Defence Ministers Meeting in NATO's headquarters in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. “Our session this morning will focus on our deterrence and defence agenda as we prepare the…

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