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Georgia Battles Severe Floods

Heavy rain that began yesterday evening triggered severe floods in the cities of Marneuli and Bolnisi in the Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia. As a result of the Algeti river overflowing a marketplace with hundreds of shops was flooded, and…

80,000 Israelis Protested Netanyahu Government

Tens of thousands of people gathered in different parts of the country in Israel to protest Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government. Accusing him of leaving Israeli captives alone, the crowd called for Netanyahu's dismissal,…

Car Tuning Exhibition Held in Bursa 

Car tuning enthusiasts came together at an event held at BUTTİM Fairground in Türkiye's Bursa province to exhibited their eye-catching custom cars. More than 100 vehicles with different modifications such as heart-patterned wrap, air…

Life Saver Jetpack Reaches Mountaintop in 2 Minutes

Richard Browning, founder of jetpack developer Gravity Industries, conducted a casualty response exercise at the top of Trascaului Mountain to test their "Browning" jetpack in cooperation with the Emergency Situations Department (DSU) of…

Israeli Attacks Protested in Berlin

The United Palestine National Committee and the pro-Palestinian Berliners raise continue protesting Israeli attacks almost every Saturday in different parts of Berlin, Germany, to draw attention to the humanitarian tragedy in Palestine. In…

Fire at Amusement Park Kills 27 in India

A fire broke out in an amusement park in Rajkot, Gujarat state, India. Authorities reported that 27 people, including 9 children, died and 8 others went missing. DNA tests are being carried out to determine the identities of the deceased.…

Andırın District Awaits History and Nature Lovers

Andırın district, located in Kahramanmaraş province of Türkiye, continues to attract local and foreign tourists with its historical structures, especially castles and dazzling natural beauty. “We have been continuing to view and share…

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