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Russia tests new missile

Russian air and missile defense units conducted a new missile test at the Sari Shagan test site in Kazakhstan, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported. The missile test for the Russian air defense system was carried out successfully, and…

Biden ready to speak with Putin to end war in Ukraine

US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron held a joint press conference after their meeting at the White House. The leaders reiterated NATO's support for Ukraine in Russia's war in Ukraine and that the US-France will…

Parked car explodes in Russia, kills 3-year-old boy

An explosion occurred in a parked car in a residential area in the Sovietsky district of Volgograd, Russia. A 3-year-old boy inside the vehicle died in the explosion, while the 52-year-old man, the owner of the vehicle, was taken to…

World’s largest active volcano in Hawaii spews lava

The lava flow continues after the eruption of the world's largest active volcano, Mauna Loa, on the Big Island, one of the Hawaiian archipelagos of the United States. Paradise Helicopters, a tour and organization company, captured footage…

Woman stabbed in face in Moscow metro

A woman stabbed another female passenger in the face in Moscow, Russia's capital, because she spoke loudly on the phone in the metro. The 50-year-old attacker was apprehended quickly and will be tried for attempted murder, according to…

Speeding motorcycle flies over police car after crash

In Adana, Turkey, a speeding motorcyclist crashed into a police vehicle and flew over the vehicle. The accident injured two people, including the rider. The police teams involved in the accident gave the first aid. The medical teams that…

driver narrowly excapes death before truck sinks in river

A truck driver miraculously escaped death by drowning on Wednesday after his truck sank in the Nile River in the Fatwar region, northern Sudan. The accident began with the vehicle driver's attempt to transfer his vehicle from the ferry that…

At least 2 killed after brazil landslide

Due to a landslide caused by heavy rain in the Brazilian state of Parana, two people were killed, and 15 vehicles were buried. According to the fire department, 30 to 50 people may be missing. The work that began with the police, fire…

explosion at mexican gas pipeline injures 19

An explosion at an ethane gas pipeline owned by the Mexican state oil company Mexican Petroleum (PEMEX) in Agua Dulce, Veracruz, injured 19 people. The injured, who suffered first and second degree burns on their bodies were taken to…

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