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Spain Wins 2024 European Football Championship

Spanish national football team became the owner of the trophy of 2024 European Football Championship after beating the English squad in the final match played at the Berlin Olympic Stadium in Germany yesterday. Spain's victory brought…

Death Toll from Al Mevasi Attack Increases

The number of people killed in the air attack on Al Mevasi, a region in the Gaza Strip that the Israeli army declared as a safe zone in May, increased to 71 and the number of people injured increased to 289. The Israeli army said that…

Israelis Keep Protesting for Hostages

Israelis staged another protest for their relatives and family members who are still held prisoner by Hamas. Some families began a four-day march toward Jerusalem and are planning to hold a rally in front of Prime Minister Netanyahu's…

Israel to Draft Ultra-Orthodox Men Next Month

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant announced on Tuesday that Ultra-Orthodox men will be drafted in August. Haredi had been exempted from serving in the military due to religious reasons, which caused controversy over decades.

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