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Stunning view of Rainbow Hills in eastern Türkiye

The Rainbow Hills in Türkiye, located along the Erzurum-Oltu highway, are a captivating sight with their unique and colorful landscape. It is believed that these hills were formed over millions of years due to factors such as climate and…

Breathtaking Sunset Views at Lake Van in Türkiye

Lake Van in Türkiye offers stunning sunsets, particularly on the beaches in the Ahlat district. The sunset is most beautiful in this area, and the views are breathtaking every time the sun sets over the city. In the town of Ahlat, located…

Foggy scenes from Ilgaz Mountains, Turkiye

The dense fog that has been appearing in the Ilgaz Mountains, located in Türkiye's Çankırı province. Sun and fog clouds created pictures like postcards and dreamy landscapes. Foggy scenes were viewed from the air with a drone. …

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