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New structure found under mausoleum of Aratos in Turkey

Turkey's Mersin city is home to the ancient city of Pompeiopolis. The ancient city, with its colonnaded street, mound, ancient harbor, aqueducts, baths and acropolis, represents one of the world historical heritages and its history dates…

World’s deepest sunken ship found

Retired US naval officer Victor Vescovo announced that the world's deepest shipwreck has found. Vescovo announced that the destroyer "USS Samuel B Roberts" of the US Navy, which sank during the battle in the Philippine Sea off Samar in…

Ancient “Gate of Hell” reopens in Turkey

Turkey opens the Plutonium (Hell's Gate) to visitors in September, which is called the 'gateway to the land of the dead' in ancient sources as the living were poisoned and died by the volatilization of carbon dioxide in the calcium-rich…

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