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Israel Carries Out Attack Near Syria’s Damascus

Israel carried out an air strike near Damascus, the capital of Syria, last night. According to the Syrian media, Syria's air defense systems deflected the majority of the rockets. A huge explosion was heard in Sayeda Zainab District.

Israel hits apartment in Damascus: 5 dead, 15 injured

An apartment was hit during the Israeli Air Force's attack carried out in the Kafr Sousa region of the Syrian capital, Damascus, last night. Authorities stated that a total of 5 people, including 1 soldier and 4 civilians, lost their lives…

syrian roadside bomb attack kills 13 in damascus

Roadside bomb attack targeting a military bus killed 13 people and wounded 3 in Syrian capital Damascus, local media reported. Two bombs were reportedly detonated as the bus was crossing the Hafez al-Assad bridge. A third bomb near the…

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