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South Korea Commemorates Martyrs of Korean War

Relatives of the martyrs of the Korean War visited the Korean Seoul National Cemetery in Seoul to commemorate their loved ones on the 69th anniversary of the Memorial Day. Over 370,000 South Koreans died during the Korean War in 1956,…

International Labour Day Marked Across the World

Numerous people across the world took to streets on International Labor Day. While crowds in some countries celebrated the day, people in other countries staged protests to demand better wages and working conditions. Clashes between…

South Korea Holds National Assembly Elections

South Korea saw a high turnout as 44.3 million voters cast their ballots in 14,259 election centers. The participation rate reached 66.3%, with 29.4 million voters, including 14 million early voters. The…

South Korea to Hold General Election on April 10

South Korean Officials are preparing the polling stations for the upcoming general election to be held on April 10. The number of voters in overseas, which cast their votes last week, hit an all-time high of 62.8 percent.

Chain Reaction Car Accident in South Korea: 17 injured

A chain-reaction car accident occurred after a concrete mixer hit truck crashed into another truck from behind at 09.21 local time in the Seongbuk district of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Thirteen vehicles, including a motorcycle,…

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