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Houthis Attacked US Ships in Gulf of Aden and Red Sea

Yahya Saree, spokesman for the Houthi military in Yemen, announced that their naval and air forces carried out two attacks on US ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. According to the announcement, the US cargo ship Propel Fortune in…

US and UK Strikes 36 Houthi Points in Yemen

The US Department of Defense reported that they struck 36 points belonging to the Iranian-backed Houthis in 13 regions in Yemen in an operation with UK at night. Buried weapons depots, missile systems, launch pads and other equipment used…

US Anti-War Activists Protest Yemen Attacks

Anti-war activists in the USA staged protests in front of the White House in Washington and Times Square in New York in response to the attacks on Yemen. They demanded an end to the attacks.

US and UK Attack Houthis in Yemen

The US and UK armies carried out an attack against the Houthis in Yemen for targeting the commercial ships linked to Israel in the Red Sea. A military base in the north of the capital Sanaa, the surroundings of Hudaydah Airport, some points…

The Iconic Clock of Yemen: “Big Ben of the East”

Perched atop a lofty hill overlooking the strategic port of Aden in southern Yemen rests a historical and iconic clock, often referred to as the sister of London's renowned "Big Ben." Dubbed "Big Ben of the East" or "Big Ben" in Arabic,…

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