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100 Million Commemorative 5 Lira Coins Enter Turkish Market

In celebration of Türkiye’s centenary, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance released 100 million 5 lira commemorative coins into circulation. Distinguished by a stylish design, the new coin showcases Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s silhouette alongside a logo crafted exclusively for the Turkish Century on one side. On the reverse, the TC symbol accompanies the numeral 5.

Emre Öztürk, a jeweler from Eskişehir, offered insights into the newly minted 5-lira coins. “These coins were specifically minted as commemorative pieces, weighing approximately 8.25 grams with a diameter of 28 millimeters,” he remarked. “Initially, 100 million of these coins were produced. Whether they will remain in circulation beyond this is uncertain. They bear the Presidential stars, essential elements like the Türkiye Century logo, and the iconic Atatürk silhouette. The coin is composed of a blend of Copper, Zinc, and Nickel.” Öztürk added, “Currently, the weight of the old 1 lira stands at 8.25 grams.”

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