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102-Year-Old Turkish Man Has 5 Children and 55 Grandchildren

In Konya, Türkiye, 102-year-old Hasan Yaşar has 5 children and 55 grandchildren. Known for his strong work ethic, Yaşar, who never drinks alcohol or smokes, emphasizes the importance of continuous labor. Yaşar, at 102 years old, shared, “I entered the bonds of matrimony in 1947, and for the initial three years, my wife and I eagerly awaited the arrival of our first child. Finally, in 1950, our family welcomed our firstborn. Over the years, we’ve been blessed with three sons and two daughters, all of whom have started their own families and found meaningful employment. The joy extends to my numerous grandchildren, surpassing the impressive count of 50. Grateful for my long and healthy life, I attribute it to a lifestyle devoid of alcohol and tobacco, coupled with a commitment to hard work.”

After three years of military service, he married and became actively involved in local governance, serving as headman and municipal member, as well as holding various positions within the political party.

İbrahim Yetkin – Arda Akın Akkoca

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