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Those who visit the 5-century-old Grand Bazaar in Türkiye’s Kahramanmaraş province do not leave without visiting the historical Hışır Inn. The inn, which was built by Dulkadiroğlu Principality ruler Alaüddevle Bey before the end of the 15th century and has survived to the present day, attracts great attention thanks to its historical texture and cool indoors. The historical inn, which has three rooms, one terrace, and a water well, offers its visitors the opportunity to taste the famous Turkish coffee cooked on sand embers in its courtyard.

“We had a great disaster in Kahramanmaraş but it is great that such historical places like this remain undamaged. We didn’t have much time to visit, but this is a very beautiful place. I recommend everyone come. Come and experience both the past and the future here,” said Güler Cengiz, a visitor.

Metehan Nazlı

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