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600 musical instruments exhibited in istanbul

More than 600 musical instruments from seven continents met with art lovers at the “World Musical Instruments Exhibition” organized in the Mehmet Akif Ersoy Art Center in the Pendik district of Istanbul, Türkiye. The demonstrated instruments include various rare pieces such as a flute made of bone, a flute made of glass, a pungi used by snake charmers, a didgeridoo from northern Australia, an ocarina made of clay, a healing bowl used in meditation music, and hundreds of old instruments made with various animal figures.

One of the instruments in this archive that impressed me the most is a flute made of bone. My aim here is to convey and explain these cultures, especially to young people. “Let children get to know other countries and continents with the sound or timbre of this instrument,” said Volkan Yaran, owner of the collection.

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