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8-century-old hammam put into service after 12 years in türkiye

Sultan Hammam, an 8-century-old Sultan Hammam built in the 13th century during the Seljuk period in Tokat, Türkiye was reopened. After 9 years of being out of use, the hammam has been put into restoration that lasted 3 years and is now ready to welcome visitors with its large capacity, consisting of 4 iwans for men and 3 iwans for women.

“The demand is quite high, and we host many visitors from foreign countries. Our hammam has a very high capacity and has the only historical “hammam stone” in Türkiye. The fountain in the middle of the stone is a historical structure from the Seljuk period and preserves its original state. We are extremely meticulous about hygiene and provide clean service to people,” said Necmi Aydın, the operator of the bath.


Mustafa Kurtulan – Yunus Çiftci

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