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Budgie named Turna went through C-section to get her stuck egg removed

An egg stuck in the womb of a one-year-old budgie named “Turna” in Zonguldak in Turkey was removed through cesarean section. The owner of the bird applied to the Zonguldak Veterinary Clinic with the suspicion that the bird had a mass in its abdomen. After the examination, it was determined that the egg was stuck in the womb of the budgie. Turna was put under anesthetic gas, and her egg removed through C-section after a 20-minute operation. The treatment of Turna was completed and she was delivered to its owner.

Veterinarian Önder Alkan said that such cases rarely encountered. “I met with Turna one year ago after she had a neck paralysis. We had to remove the egg with anesthetic gas. It is very dangerous to use other anesthetics in such cases. We will give antibiotics to Turna as the first 24 hours of post-operative is life-threatening for her,” he said.

Sertaç Özdemir

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