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burned areas to be afforested in Turkey’s Çanakkale

In 2022, a total of 512 fires occurred in Çanakkale, Turkey, including 106 forest fires and 406 open field burnings. In these fires, 580 hectares of land were destroyed. The teams of the Regional Directorate of Forestry carry out afforestation work on a burning area of ​​580 hectares and plant 1 million saplings.

Çanakkale Regional Director of Forestry Enver Demirci said, “We continue to work on bringing these burned areas back to the forest first. After doing technical studies, we are trying to establish natural forests with seed supplementation. Where we cannot restore natural forests, we are completing the afforestation with the planting method,” he said.


Mustafa Suiçmez – Enishan Keskin

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