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Colorful Flowers Form Dazzling View in Türkiye

The colorful flowers blooming in and around Turna Lake, located at an altitude of 2,550 meters to the east of Erek Mountain in Van’s Gürpınar district, formed a stunning view that will fascinate all nature lovers.

“While drought prevails in the world, Van and the region received abundant rainfall this year. The area received a lot of rainfall and snowfall, especially between April and May. Turna Lake, which has less water than previous years, became abundant and filled with rain this year. The view around the lake is wonderful,” said journalist Ziya Türk.

The lake, which is believed to have been formed after its flow was blocked at the foot of Erek Mountain by Urartu King II Rusa, who reigned between 685 and 645 BC., is 30 kilometers away from Van.


Şükrü Akyüz – Ahmet Kavak

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