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English GPs Begin Record 6-Day Strike Over Pay

General practitioners in England have initiated the longest strike in the 75-year history of the National Health Service (NHS), advocating for increased salaries. The strike, spanning six days, is anticipated to prompt the cancellation of numerous hospital appointments. Approximately 100 protesting doctors gathered at St Thomas Hospital in London, highlighting the need for salary improvements.

The NHS Medical Director, Prof. Stephen Powis, voiced concerns about the strike’s significant impact on routine healthcare services, foreseeing a challenging period for the NHS.

The British Medical Association (BMA), representing GPs, urged the government to address pay disparities, demanding a 35 percent salary increase due to wages lagging behind inflation. Following unsuccessful negotiations resulting in a government offer of 8 to 10 percent raise, the BMA organized the ongoing strike after concluding talks on December 20-23.

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