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Erzincan Hosts Global Photography Event

Photography enthusiasts recently gathered at the ‘Erzincan Photography Event,’ a 3-day program hosted by the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism with the support of Erzincan Governorship in Türkiye. The event, attended by around 75 photography enthusiasts, featured comprehensive training sessions for both press members and photography lovers.

Led by Photography Artists Faruk Akbaş, Ahu Akbaş, Emrah Karakoç, and Director of Photography Muhammed Kösen, the training covered various photography topics, including camera basics, lenses, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure techniques, and digital shooting methods. The practical sessions included fieldwork at picturesque locations such as Girlevik Waterfall and Ergan Mountain, showcasing the natural beauty of Erzincan.


Ahmet Akbuğa

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