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Germany-Based Patient Alleges Malpractice by Turkish Doctor

Makbule Sorkun, a resident of Germany, has accused Prof. Dr. Alper Çelik of malpractice, claiming his diabetes surgery led to severe complications. Çelik has been temporarily banned from practicing for three years following numerous investigations and allegations that his procedures caused multiple patient deaths and injuries.

Sorkun, who sought treatment from Çelik in January 2019, described her ordeal: “I went for a consultation and found myself on the operating table. I was told my diabetes would be cured in two days, but I ended up hospitalized for two months and required multiple surgeries in Germany due to complications.” She continues to suffer from significant health issues and cannot regain her weight or strength.

She warned others, particularly in Germany, about Çelik and his associates, accusing them of conducting dangerous and unapproved procedures for profit. Despite seeking help from various doctors, Sorkun stated that none could rectify the mistakes made by Çelik. Now, facing financial difficulties and ongoing health problems, she is preparing to sue and calls for greater accountability in the medical profession.



Erdal Altuntaş

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