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Heavy Rain Causes Structural Damage to Antalya’s Historical Walls


After two days of intense rainfall, Antalya’s historical Kaleiçi walls faced significant deterioration. The combination of soil erosion and wall collapses led to a suspended state for a business located in the affected area. Antalya experienced severe flooding on Monday night and Tuesday following an orange weather warning. In the historic Kaleiçi district, floodwaters triggered landslides and dislodged stones from the city walls, with some parts of the structure collapsing. The aftermath revealed a substantial gap beneath a business perched above the collapse site. Kadir Akgöz, a local merchant, expressed astonishment, stating, “Floodwaters rushed down, causing the collapse. There is a restaurant or cafe on top. In my three years here, this is the first time encountering such an incident.”


Suat Metin

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