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Istanbul Residents Frustrated by Subway and Escalator Malfunctions

In Istanbul, delayed metro arrivals and non-functional station stairs have sparked citizens’ frustration. Long queues, caused by malfunctioning escalators, have led to tardiness for work commuters. Technical issues plaguing the metro system, used by millions daily, result in frequent delays and lengthy wait times. Recent escalator malfunctions have amplified public discontent.

Expressing concerns about these malfunctions, Kayahan Kaya remarked, “Living in Istanbul means relying on buses and subways due to work demands. However, the non-operational escalators, especially at crucial points, disrupt our routine. Maintenance occasionally delays metro arrivals, affecting work schedules. Post-work commutes also suffer due to inadequate information, particularly during summer when air conditioning and repair works falter. We’re hopeful for timely resolutions.”


Yağız Ekrem Çiftçi – Abdullah Altunbaş

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