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Japan’s High-Tech Toilets Amaze and Confound International Visitors

Japan’s high-tech toilets captivate people with their advanced features. These toilets boast temperature-adjustable seats, automatic lids, water sprayers with adjustable pressure, dryers, and noise suppressors, often surprising tourists visiting the country for the first time. While foreigners are impressed by these features, the language barrier poses challenges when there’s no Japanese explanation on the control panel.

“No idea where to press”

Michel Strukov from Switzerland admires the advanced features of Japanese toilets, noting their absence in Europe. “It’s a great thing, but on the flip side, it’s confusing to know where to press or how to flush. Nonetheless, having multiple functions you don’t find elsewhere is beneficial,” Strukov remarks. Highlighting the usefulness of certain features, he adds, “For instance, the music feature… When you want privacy in the restroom, it’s a function I appreciated.”

“Confusing but handy experience”

Ashley Johnson, a British citizen, expresses surprise at the noise suppressor music she encountered for the first time in an airport restroom. She also found the heated seat and automatic flush intriguing. Another British citizen, Mick Jersey, who used the restroom after a long flight, admits to struggling with the control panel’s buttons due to the lack of English explanations. Jersey remarks, “It was a confusing experience, yet remarkably practical.”

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