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Köyceğiz in Türkiye Offers Breathtaking Scenic Views

Çandır Neighborhood in Köyceğiz stands out as a prime destination for ecotourism and organic agriculture in Türkiye. Situated within the Köyceğiz Çandır District, the area encompasses the historic city of Kaunos, boasting a rich five-thousand-year history and royal tombs. Serving visitors year-round, Çandır is an ideal hub for nature, history, and culture enthusiasts, offering one of Türkiyes most picturesque panoramas.

The Çandır Observation Terrace presents breathtaking views of the Dalyan Delta, Iztuzu Beach, and the expansive sea, making it a haven for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. The region’s lush pine forests and mountains add to its allure, attracting both locals and foreigners. Accessible by vehicle and ferry from Dalyan or via the Köyceğiz highway, Çandır is a captivating destination for those seeking a holistic experience amidst natural beauty and historical richness.


Osman Acar

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