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Lambs Reunite with Mothers in Springtime Spectacle


In the Ulaş district of Sivas, a city in Türkiye, a heartwarming event took place as lambs from the Ulaş Agricultural Enterprise Directorate (TİGEM) were captured on camera reuniting with their mothers. This event symbolizes the arrival of spring and is considered a special moment in the life cycle of these animals.

Hasan Keskin, the Manager of Ulaş TİGEM, explained that ewes, or female sheep, can recognize their lambs by their unique scent. This ensures that each lamb receives the nourishment it needs from its own mother. The process of separating and reuniting the lambs with their mothers helps them grow healthily and prepares them for maturity. Additionally, the lambs benefit from the nutritious milk of Akkaraman sheep, a breed known for its fatty milk that promotes faster growth in lambs.


Fatmanur Akkişi – Onur Erden



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