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NASA successfully launches Artemis I SLS rocket

The Artemis I SLS rocket carrying the Orion spacecraft, which NASA aims to send into orbit within the framework of the Artemis Lunar Program, that aims to transport people to the Moon, was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral Base in Florida, United States (USA). The Orion spacecraft, which has a length of 98 meters and a thrust of 3.99 tons, will collect scientific data about planned human flights in the future.

The program that NASA has been working on for about 10 years aims to take people to the lunar surface by 2025. If the first mission, Artemis I, ends in success, a real crewed Moon flight is expected in 2024 with the Artemis II mission.

The launch of the Artemis I rocket was delayed in August due to technical problems and in September due to Hurricane Ian.

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