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Nearly 1 billion euros raised at Ukraine support conference

After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky demanded 800 million euros from European countries for Ukraine’s electricity import needs, approximately 1 billion euros were collected at the “Standing with the Ukrainian People” conference held in Paris, France.

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna stated that 445 million will be spent on energy, 25 million on water, 38 million on food, 17 million on health and 22 million on transportation expenses, and. For now, it has not been decided what the remaining 493 million will be used for.

The support was given by 46 countries and 24 international organizations.

After giving the opening speech of the conference, French President Emmanuel Macron described Russia’s bombings as a war crime and stated that Russia was regressing on the field. Stating that Russia is targeting civilian infrastructure due to its military weaknesses, Macron said that Russia has implemented a strategy aimed at destroying civilian infrastructure in order to bring Ukraine to its knees.

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