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off-road group performs another breathtaking climb in türkiye

The Off-Road Türkiye Group, which has used their vehicles to climb numerous mountains across Türkiye, recently performed another climb, this time in İstanbul and Bursa. The group, composed of 12 friends, jumped into their off-road cars to tackle the extremely steep and challenging tracks on the slopes of Uludağ and around the Darlık Dam in İstanbul, demonstrating to spectators that perseverance is key to victory.

“Many people assume that nature always comes out on top,” said group member Selim Ustaoğlu. “But as athletes, we never entertain the idea of surrender. We will try as many as 10 times if necessary until we succeed in our climb. We make sure our cars are both robust and capable. To put it succinctly, never give up.

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