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Oil Pollution in amazon River after oil pipeline rupture

Following the explosion of the pipeline in the Fiedra Fina region of Ecuador, the Ministry of Environment reported that the protected area in the Amazon forests was affected by the oil spill and legal action would be initiated against the company operating the pipeline that caused the oil spill. It was reported by the oil company that the pumping of crude oil was stopped on Saturday, and contracts were signed with three companies for cleaning and improvement works in the region.

After the rains that were effective in the Piedra Fina region last Friday, a falling rock smashed the OCP heavy crude oil pipeline in the region, and caused oil spill. An area of ​​21,000 square meters was affected by the leak. Another major oil spill occurred in the area in April 2020, after both the OCP and SOTE pipelines exploded due to erosion, and the area was heavily polluted.

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