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Palestinian Rally Supports South Africa’s Case Against Israel

In a show of solidarity, Palestinian activists gathered in Hebron, West Bank, rallying in support of South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Amid ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza, demonstrators, waving Palestinian and South African flags, expressed gratitude to South Africa with banners proclaiming “Thank you South Africa.” Dr. Muhammed El-Khalis, a participant, emphasized the historical connection between South Africans’ experience of racism and discrimination and the oppression faced by Palestinians. Quoting President Nelson Mandela, he underscored the intertwined struggles for freedom and legitimate rights, urging international support for Palestinian resistance within the bounds of international law. El-Khalis called on nations to endorse South Africa’s ICJ efforts to halt the Gaza conflict, asserting that there are no legal grounds to obstruct this pursuit.

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