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Palestinian Woman Builds Tent with Cans in Deir Al-Balah Camp

Dalia Al-Afifi, a Palestinian woman living in a camp in Deir Al-Balah in the Gaza Strip, which is under Israel’s attacks, built a tent with 3,000 empty cans she collected to draw attention to her displaced fellow citizens. She urged a ceasefire with a banner reading “Free Palestine” on the tent and protested the committed war crimes with photographs of killed journalists and children inside it.

“After the war began, our lives have become based on two things: our main food, canned goods, and tents. I wanted to give a message to the world that our food is not canned, our houses are not tents, and what we lost because of the occupation is our beautiful life. I hope the war ends, we return to our homes, and our children live in peace,” said Al-Afifi.

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