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paragliding festival colors the sky in türkiye’s ordu

A paragliding festival was organized in the Turkish city of Ordu by the municipality and Ordu Sports Aviation Club between September 8 and 10. Although flights were not possible in the first two days due to adverse weather conditions, the sky was colored by approximately 75 athletes. Taking off from a special stage in Boztepe at an altitude of 530 meters and landing on the beach in the city center, the paragliders glided and enjoyed an exciting flight over a beautiful view.

“I would like to thank our Mayor of Ordu and his team. We are very happy on behalf of our club and Ordu for organizing such a festival. Ordu is ranked 2nd in the world in paragliding and is a very popular place as it is one of the very rare spots with a cable car, a view of the sea, and transportation,” said Durmuş Şahin, President of Ordu Sports Aviation Club.

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