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Restaurant chain owner asks clients for €1 after €100,000 increase in electricity bill

Michel De Bloos, owner of a restaurant chain with 20 branches in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, asks for an additional 1 Euro from each customer to pay his electricity bills, which he stated have increased by 100 thousand Euros after the increases in energy prices. De Bloos wrote a letter to his customers explaining the situation in his restaurants, where delicacies from Far Eastern cuisine are served. In the letter left on each table, the effect of the recent increase in energy prices on the bills is explained, and it is stated that the crisis is expected to be overcome by taking an additional payment of 1 euro per person.

“…I checked, the increase of 100 thousand euros in the monthly bill is excessive for a business like us. I wanted to explain this situation to our customers and share this increase with them as 1 Euro.” says Bloom, stating that they have the exact number of clients equal to the €100,000 increase.

“Our customers hope we get through this crisis. They don’t want us to lock up here like many other businesses. Too many businesses today have not come out of the crisis. Our only source of income is our customers. We couldn’t talk to anyone else and ask for their help.” said the restaurant owner, adding that they will immediately stop asking as the crisis comes to an end.

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