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Samurai & Ninja Museum in Tokyo Draws Japanese Culture Enthusiasts

The Samurai & Ninja Museum, which opened in Tokyo in December 2023, is drawing attention from Japanese culture enthusiasts. The museum provides its visitors with a unique experience of Japanese culture. While some visitors are participating in the guided tour, others learn about samurai and ninja culture and have their photos taken with traditional samurai armor. Some participants learn how to use the Japanese sword, ‘katana.’

“People are enjoying this place,” remarked Akira Tomita, who works as a guide at the museum. He said that tourists who visited the museum participated in the “shuriken” throwing activity, known as the ninja star, and the guided museum tour. Stating that some visitors had the experience of using the Japanese sword, ‘katana,’ Tomita said, “People are enjoying this place. Participants are pleased to do these activities.”

“It’s nice because it’s a new experience,” said Luca Albescu, who came from Romania and visited Japan for the first time. Albescu added, “I don’t know what to say. It’s nice because it’s a new experience.” Emphasizing that he learned about the Ninja and Samurai culture by participating in the tour, Srdjan Adomovic from Serbia said, “It was quite enjoyable to learn about the history and how it all started and ended.”

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