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Scabies Cases Surge in Türkiye, Warns Expert Ahead of Winter

The incidence of scabies, a contagious skin condition, is rapidly rising in türkiye, especially during the transition to winter months. Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tosun, a Dermatology Department Lecturer at Sivas Cumhuriyet University, highlighted the increasing prevalence of this parasitic disease, noting a significant uptick in patient numbers in recent years. He mentioned that scabies cases account for approximately 10 to 20 percent of their daily clinic visits, with peaks observed intermittently, potentially leading to epidemics. Dr. Tosun attributed this surge to factors such as the pandemic’s impact, immigration, and patient adherence to treatment. He emphasized that the spread is heightened through contamination and the sharing of personal items, warning that non-compliance could escalate the situation into an epidemic phase.


Rahmi Meyveci – Mert Taha Varol

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