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Scrap Planes at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport Await New Owners

Five scrap planes are currently parked at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport, awaiting new owners. Four of them were sold in 2021 and transformed into cafes or restaurants. Although closed to civil flights, Atatürk Airport remains a host for major global events like TEKNOFEST. Only five out of the original nine scrap planes remain. The General Directorate of Civil Aviation organized a tender for these retired aircraft. In 2019, news coverage titled “Istanbul’s ghost planes left to rot” attracted investor attention, leading to the sale of these idle planes. Some of the planes will be repurposed as restaurants and cafes. Aerial images show some planes covered in trees and vines, with significant damage to the wings. The windows and engines have been removed, but electronic components remain in some planes. These five scrap planes on the airport apron await their new owners.


Ahmet Faruk Sarıkoç

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