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Spectacular Cherry Blossoms Delight Tokyo Residents and Tourists

With the blooming of sakura trees heralding the arrival of spring in Japan, the capital Tokyo witnessed a visual feast. Thousands of residents and tourists flocked to the Asakusa district, one of the city’s major tourist spots. The Sakura trees, also known as cherry blossoms, in the park by the Sumida River offered spectacular views to Sakura enthusiasts. Stating that she came to Sumida Park with her friend to see the cherry blossoms, Rio Isono said, “I think cherry blossoms are very important for Japanese people because Sakura is a part of our spring memories.” Isono added that this is why many people visit Sumida Park every year to see the cherry blossoms.

“Sakura is a symbol for Japanese people,” said Riko Haneda, who came to the Asakusa neighborhood with her friend to see the cherry blossom trees. She added, “The tradition of having a picnic under the sakura trees is quite fun. I came here to feel the atmosphere.”

Anna Vosko, who came from Poland, said that they preferred Sumida Park to see cherry blossoms. Emphasizing that cherry blossoms are “very beautiful,” Vosko stated, “There are 2 types of cherry blossoms, pink and white. But I can’t decide which one is more beautiful.” Vosko added that she is very happy to be in Tokyo at this time of the year and to see the wonderful cherry blossoms.

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