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suspicious whale deaths recorded in 33 days in two us cities

With the latest dead humpback whale washed up on Lido Beach West in the US city, New York, the number of dead whales washed up on the beaches of two cities, New Jersey and New York, has risen to eight in the last 33 days. Authorities sent teams to the location and are collecting data from the whale to detect the causes of the consecutive incidents.

Meanwhile, the deaths have sparked controversy between environmentalist constitutions and the two companies, Deepwater Wind and PSEG, who are conducting the Garden State Offshore Energy project in the region. The environmentalist organization, Clean Ocean Action, GOP Rep. Jeff Van Drew and other groups are blaming the ongoing wind-energy activities offshore. “Never have we ever heard of six whales washing up within 33 days,” said Cindy Zipf, executive director of Clean Ocean Action during a press conference earlier this month. A suspension of the activities has been requested until the issue can be studied.

On the other hand, Gov. Phil Murphy and the New Jersey Association of Environmental Commission reject the accusations and claim that the Garden State’s project of constructing a large wind farm out in the ocean is irrelevant to the whale deaths.

Upon the whale strike marks that have been recorded during the last deaths, that were undoubtedly caused shipping vessels, Jennifer Coffey, the commission’s executive director, said the wind companies are conducting scientific examinations off the coast and have not reported any whale strikes.

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