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Syrians fight fuel crisis with firewood and other natural resources

After the crucial effects of fuel crisis and the U.S sanctions, most of the Syrian population have began benefiting from firewood as a heating source.

“Firewood is healthier and is around 50% cheaper than regular fuel. It also gives more warmth and is available at any time, which makes people turn back to firewood. At the beginning of 2013, the use of firewood was little but gradually people started returning to firewood as the main means of heating in the winter, and now we can say that around 70% of the Syrians have returned to using firewood for various needs,” says woodcutter Muhammad Juha.

Aside from firewood, citizens living in various parts of the country have been utilizing other natural resources such as olive pomace and livestock manures to fulfill their needs. People have also found solutions like a specialized heating device that uses pistachio shells.

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