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Israel’s Air Strike Kills 8 in Rafah

Kuwait Hospital in Rafah reported that 8 people were killed in an air strike by the Israel army on the Rafah refugee camp yesterday night. Teams initiated a search for the victims that stuck under the rubble. More than 33,900…

Ukrainian Air Strike Kills 2 in Russia’s Belgorod

The Ukrainian army carried out an air attack on the Russian city of Belgorod. Russia's Belgorod Region Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov, reported on Telegram that a man and a woman died and 3 others were injured. Additionally, 5 people were…

Israel Carried Out Air Strike on Settlements in Rafah

The Israeli army carried out an airstrike on settlements near the Kuwait Hospital in Rafah. Explosions broke out at many residential buildings, including a mosque, according to local sources. Many people were reported to have died and been…

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