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Waterspout Causes Panic in Hatay, Türkiye

A waterspout formed off the coast of Iskenderun Bay in Türkiye's Hatay province after the rain that started in the morning hours. Although people on the coast began to panic, the large waterspout disappeared before reaching land and did not…

Heavy Rain Halts Education in Hatay

Heavy rain in Türkiye's Hatay led to a partial suspension of education for a day. Governor Mustafa Masatlı reported ongoing rainfall, measuring 20 kilograms per square meter. The General Directorate of…

Spectacular Full Moon Illuminates Hatay

The night sky over Samandağ district dazzled as the full moon shone brightly, transforming the darkness into an enchanting spectacle. The breathtaking view, reminiscent of a postcard, captivated onlookers.…

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