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Russian Navy ships passes through Dardanelles Strait

On Wednesday, a Russian Navy Minesweeper with 908 bow number Russian Natya Class “Vice-admiral Zakharin” and a Russian Navy MB-304 bow number Russian Sorum Class military tugboat enter the Dardanelles Strait of Turkey at around 12:00 PM.…

fire at overturned ship off istanbul coast

A ship at the pier in Istanbul's Kartal district overturned due to adverse weather conditions. A fire broke out this morning on the ship, which was tied to the dock for a long time. Fire crews who came to the scene intervened in the fire.…

Portuguese ship lays on its side in Algeria

Portugal’s Ro-Ro cargo ship laid on its side while it’s moored in Algerian capital port after a water leak inboard. IVAN Ro-Ro cargo ship was tilted to the right side as a result of leaking water inboard according to civil defense…

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