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The 7,000-year-old town of Turkey’s Palu

Palu district of Elazığ, Turkey, one of the oldest settlements in the Eastern Anatolia Region, with a history of 7,000 years, awaits its visitors with its cultural, natural and religious sites. Carrying traces of different civilizations on every inch, Palu welcomes over 200,000 visitors every year. Surp Church, Palu Castle, Cimşit Pasha Complex, Küçük Mosque and Ulu Mosque are top tourist attractions in the region.

Also, according to historical sources, the historical Palu Bridge, which was built on the Murat River and was known as “the bridge connecting Istanbul to Baghdad” due to its location on the Silk Road route, is a must-see for tourists and photographers.


Yakup Sağlam – Hamdin Kılıç

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