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Turkish Chef Creates Chocolate Clock Masterpiece

Turkish chef Ali Keskin and his team in Antalya, Türkiye, have created an astonishing replica of a 100-year-old English mantel clock using a remarkable 80 kilograms of chocolate. This intricate masterpiece, which took three months to complete, even includes functional minute and hour hands made entirely of chocolate. Keskin, an accomplished chef with previous Olympic and international championships, aims to win another gold medal at the gastronomy Olympics. Beyond his culinary talents, Keskin is known for his collection of functional antique items from around the world.

Keskin emphasized that their chocolate creation, apart from the mechanical watch inside, is made entirely of pure, additive-free chocolate. They hope for top honors at the upcoming Olympics, having previously achieved first place and gold medals in international competitions.

In addition to their culinary pursuits, they aspire to create an art museum dedicated to antique chocolate works in the future.


Suat Metin – Ahmet Serdar Eser – İbrahim Sönmez

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