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Turkish Hazelnuts Triumph: Ferrero’s Quest for Alternatives Falters

The exceptional quality of Black Sea hazelnuts has been reaffirmed yet again. Ferrero, an Italian company, had invested millions in an attempt to find an alternative to Black Sea hazelnuts. Despite pouring $70 million into planting 1 million hazelnut trees in Australia, Ferrero decided to halt the project due to climate-related challenges.

Nurittin Karan, President of the Giresun Chamber of Agriculture, emphasized that Turkish hazelnuts, particularly the Giresun variety, remain unparalleled. He expressed surprise at Ferrero’s pursuit of alternatives, stressing the need to support Turkish producers and enhance productivity in cultivating Turkish hazelnuts. Karan pointed out that instead of seeking alternatives, Ferrero should recognize the value of Turkish hazelnuts. He highlighted that the company’s investments in this regard will inevitably yield returns. Referring to Ferrero’s failed attempts in Australia and Georgia, Karan reiterated that there’s simply no substitute for Turkish hazelnuts, particularly those from Giresun.


Ahmet Bilge

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