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Turkish offshore sailor Tolga Pamir sets sail for a new record

Offshore sailor Tolga Pamir set out to break the Gökova brothers’ Turkey tour record. Sailing with Sevda Ersezer, Pamir aims to break the previous record of 13 days and 15 hours in 12 days. Pamir and Ersezer duo, sailing to the port of Hopa, made a statement to İhlas News Agency (IHA) during their break in Sinop, “The Turkey tour record is a project we realized last year The target is the record track established to pass the track between Hopa and İskenderun, the track of 1,500 nautical miles, by using only sail and wind power, on Turkey’s offshores, without stepping on land” The duo stated that they aim to start within the first 10 days of June, but the date will be determined according to the weather conditions.

Emphasizing that the times will be recorded on the track, which will be followed with a special tracker to be placed on the boat by the World Sailing Speed ​​Record Council (WSSRC), Pamir said, “Turkish Tour Record will take its place among the record attempts of many international world tour races or Atlantic crossings. By working simultaneously with the Turkish Sailing Federation, the record will be defined and it will become one of the world records at the international level.”

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