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Türkiye Quake Victims Find Hope in Completed Housing Project


In Adana, Türkiye, where earthquakes caused devastation, progress has been made in constructing 1,589 houses for earthquake victims. Many of these homes are now complete, and residents are beginning to move in. This development has brought joy to the community, especially evident when a happy earthquake victim woman saw her new home.

Construction efforts are ongoing around the clock in three shifts to finish the remaining houses quickly. While the basic construction work is finished, landscaping is still underway. The houses include different sizes, such as 2+1 flats with 110 square meters of space and 3+1 flats with 150 square meters, all built using locally sourced materials.

Mustafa Karslıoğlu, Chairman of the Eastern Mediterranean Construction Contractor Associations Federation (DAİMFED), expressed satisfaction with the progress, noting that the houses are now fully equipped with utilities and infrastructure. The ongoing construction aims to provide 8,000 houses to earthquake victims, offering them a fresh start in new living spaces.


Umutcan İşledici – Elif Ayşenur İşledici


Umutcan İşledici – Elif Ayşenur İşledici

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